College Football Playoff Rankings 2017

College Football Playoff Rankings 2017 Week 12 did absolutely nothing to help resolve the debate over the top candidates for the College Football Playoff, but it did bring us one step closer to what should be a glorious final two weeks of the regular season.

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The biggest impact of Week 12 was on the “other” bowl games we don’t spend much time discussing at a national level.

College Football Playoff Rankings 2017 ,Each of the CFP’s Top 12 teams won—most of them in blowout fashion—so there wasn’t much of anything to change as far as the New Year’s Six goes. But there were 11 teams that became bowl-eligible with a sixth win, pushing the total for the season to 70. College Football Playoff Rankings 2017 And with four Week 13 games between teams with 5-6 records, we’re guaranteed to have at least 74 teams to fill the 78 spots.

There are 12 teams left in the running for those final four spots. We’re projecting Florida State, Texas Tech, Temple and Louisiana to get there. Others might join them, or perhaps they’ll fall short and we’ll need to revert to Academic Progress Rate scores, which could bode well for Air Force, Duke, Minnesota and Vanderbilt.

But we know what you’re all here for: playoff projections. Don’t worry. We’ll get to them and explain in full detail why undefeated Wisconsin is in, why (currently) undefeated Miami is out and why Alabama vs. Auburn is much more than just an incredible rivalry game this year.

As far as this week’s AP rankings are concerned, the only particularly noteworthy development is Oklahoma State’s drop from No. 10 to No. 18 after losing to Kansas State. While teams formerly ranked Nos. 11-18 each slid up one spot to bypass the Cowboys, literally nothing else about the Top 17 changed.

There’s a little bit of a shake-up at the bottom as Northwestern, Virginia Tech and Boise State climb into the final three spots to replace Michigan, West Virginia and NC State, but that’s about it. Expect similar (lack of) movement in the new CFP rankings Tuesday night.


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